8 Things I Wish I Was Eating Today

It's Friday! Which, in my book, is always a cause for celebration. What are your weekend plans? I'm heading out to Long Island to do some baking and favor crafting for Lindsey's engagement party next weekend...yay for girls day!

So today I'm kind of in an indulgent mood. All I want is decadent food and to pretend that calories, fat and sugar do not exist. Do you like this game? Here are some of the things I'd like to eat today (ok, perhaps not allll of it, but if someone offered me any of these things, I wouldn't turn it down!).

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes. Is that a breakfast of champions, or what?

Irish Stout Cupcakes What? I just want to get my St. Patty's on.

Asiago Fig Macaroni & Cheese. One of the most decadent dishes I've ever made and I'm wishing I still had some hidden away in the refridgerator (perfectly preserved, of course).

Bratwurst + German Beer. Preferably while sitting outside, soaking up the sun.

Grandma Mary's Apple Pie. Or any of the homemade apple pies from our Two Girls, Two Guys, Four Pies series. I'm aching for warm Fall weather and hearty foods!

Dexter Cupcakes. Vanilla cake, sour cherry filling, light-as-air frosting. What could be bad? Oh and I'd also like a seasons 1-5 marathon too please.

Carmelized Potato Parsnip Tart. Need I say more? Just look at it.

Peanut Butter + Jelly Bars. For Fourth of July's sake.

So that's about all I think I could handle. Can someone come over make these for me? What are you wishing you were eating today?