Some Things You Should Know

Good morning! I'm recovering from a great night! I went to see Jersey Boys with Shaun, my sister Kimberly, my cousin Alyson and my Aunt Janet. I had seen it once before a few years ago and it's still my favorite Broadway show right now. The songs are fantastic and the story is just fun. Four Seasons on loop will now commence...

So for today's What About Me Wednesday, I'm bringing you just a few things about me. There's been a lot of new readers commenting and finding the site, so I thought it would be fun to give some basic info. If you've been hanging around the blog for a while (love you!) then you may know some of the below...but stick around for the photos at least :)

6 Things About Me

Shaun and I live in Jersey City. We rented an apartment on the waterfront (holy views!) for 2 years when we were first married.

The Avid Appetite was born in this little kitchen...linoleum and appliances circa 1985 and all.

In 2010, we purchased our first home (!!!) a loft-style condo further inland in Jersey City. We lost the views {sad face}, but gained lots of space and a terrace.

and a sweet, avid kitchen to boot.

I have a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree from NYU. When I was 14 I decided that NYU was the place for me after my dad brought me with him to work on a bright and sunny spring day. At the time, his office was on East 4th St and Lafayette. We took the Path from Jersey City to 9th Street and walked through Washington Square Park to get there. I was instantly smitten and my love has never wavered.

Dad & me at one of many pre-graduation celebrations, NYU circa 2004
In my ‘day job’, I work in brand licensing. I began my career in Global Toys at Sesame Street (yep, it kind of was just like Big!)

Sesame Workshop holiday party, circa 2006 (I think)and moved onto working for a brand licensing agency in 2009, where I also get to do quite a bit of writing (score!).

My family vacations in Aruba every summer.

It was also the home of our 2008 beach wedding where 80 of our closest friends & family joined us to ring in the occasion. It was by far the best week of my life.


Who’s Who. In addition to Shaun, my husband, best friend, ultimate TAA taste tester and champion of the blog, my writing and me in general...

I am super close with my amazing parents and my 2 sisters, Kimberly & Christine, are my best friends in the world. You’ve probably heard me mention them a lot on here, and if not, well you will :)

Shaun and I have been to 6 European countries.
We've traveled to Germany, France, Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest), Sweden (Stockholm) and Estonia (Tallinn). We plan to add 2 more spots to our roster this May...we're going to Spain (Madrid) and Switzerland (Zurich)!ο»Ώ

Charles Bridge, Prague

Medieval Tallinn, Estoniaat the World Cup in Germany, 2006

So there you have it. Just a bit about me. Now it's your turn. What about you? Share some details with me in the comments!