350 Chocolate Truffles

How is everyone on this gray Monday? (at least here in NJ it is very gray!) I took today off from work to spend some time with my sister Christine who is home from college for spring break, and who bravely had her tonsils removed on Thursday. Talk about a bummer of a break!

Anyhoo, I spent Saturday at Lindsey's parent's house out in Long Island. Next week is her engagement party so she needed some serious girl time in terms of prepping and baking for the occasion. So of course, I headed out to the island to get our DIY on!

And when I say DIY, I mean DIY. Apparently Lindsey has a case of the Rachel when it comes to taking on big projects for own engagement party. After some brainstorming, Lin decided that edible favors were the way to go, and we decided on chocolate truffles. These aren't exactly traditional truffles, but chocolate candy cups with delicious, decadent filling. After lots of deliberation, we came up with 4 varieties so each favor box would get one of each. Oh and did I mention that to make this happen, we had to make upwards of 350 truffles. Yeah.


Between Lindsey, myself, her sister Britt and 2 other bridesmaids Jenny and Julie, we managed to get 'er done after a looooong day of chocolateering. The result? Nothing short of fabulous party favors that could easily have come from Godiva herself. And all I can say is, praise Jesus (and Jenny) for a real double boiler. Oh and for Yellowtail and their affordable oversized bottles of Shiraz.

On the list were classic chocolate Oreo filled truffles...

Golden Oreo + raspberry jam truffles

Peanut butter + jelly truffles

...and s'mores truffles, garnished with crushed graham crackers.

Don't you wish you were attending this upcoming party?

This guy does...

With chocolate on our clothes (and in our pores), the chocolateering was completed by 1AM on Saturday, which left Sunday for the girls to box everything up (I had to head home before this point!), but they sent me a snapshot of the work in progress...

Considering none of us had made chocolate confections like this previously, I'd say we got 'er done without a hitch. And had a fantastic time in the process. There's nothing like a little girl time! Stay tuned for next week when I wrap up the whole shebang with finished photos and recipes if anyone is interested! So what's the last DIY project that you tackled?