Happiness, Part 2

Happy Friday, friends! How are you today? I'm feeling sleepy, but I don't mind...it's Friday!

It's another happy day.

I'm happy because it's supposed to be another sunny, and relatively warm day. Don't you love those? I do.

I got 2 new pairs of shoes this week. Don't tell Shaun. One is purely fabulous...


and one is functional/wearable and fabulous. Sometimes a girl just needs new shoes. It's a total mood changer.

I may or may not have also ordered these in nude. I'm ignoring the fact that at present, we have nowhere to store said shoes aside from under the living room coffee table, in the corner of the kitchen or in our entryway. I'm working on it.

This weekend, we are running another 5K with our friends Ryan + Kristen. The race is through the Lincoln Tunnel. I'm not sure how I feel about this one yet.

I also plan to work on my gallery wall in our entryway. Has anyone else done this before? I can't wait to have a whole wall of family photos mixed with paintings and fun postcards from our travels!

Oh, I'm also going to get my pre-Easter bake on so that I have some things to share with you next week. For now, feast on these coconut cupcakes, which I made last year. Oh how I wish I had one for breakfast this morning...yummmmy!

I think I had a dream about Ina Garten last night. Though I can't remember what she was telling me. She may have come to me to tell me the secret to her outstanding, creative recipes. I guess I missed it.

Shaun and I are on the hunt for some new TV shows to watch on DVD since most of ours are coming to a close in a matter of weeks. I'm bummed! The ones on our list right now are: The Wire (even though we gave this a chance and weren't crazy about it, but I'm willing to give it one more go), Big Love and Breaking Bad. Do you have any suggestions for us? I'm still crying that Shameless is over until next year...when does True Blood start up again?

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2 of my all-time favorite books have been made into movies and will be coming out over the next few weeks. I'm so happy I could cry. Or jump for joy. Or both. Here's hoping they live up to my internal hype over them...

These movies can only mean one thing...girls movie day with my mom and sisters! I'm thinking the dine-in movie variety.

So that's what's making me tick on this lovely April Friday. What's making you happy?