Things I Love

Happy Monday! It's true that I had a super busy weekend and am just slightly exhausted this morning. But it was a great weekend and I'm ready to tackle this week! I'm kicking things off on a happy note today with some things that I love this morning.

Dogs. I mean, really, is there anything better? Rocky and Dixie belong to my aunt and uncle and they are just so sweet. Look at those mushy faces!



Reester Eggs! Shaun The Easter Bunny remembered my favorite chocolate candy and hid a few around the apartment for me.

Fake mustachios/my family. My Uncle Ken got these fun fake mustaches for all the cousins yesterday. Nothing says fun like a good fake mustache.

Breaking Bad. Can I just say, Ahhhhh?! We are only 2 episodes in and I'm totally hooked. It's the story of a straight-laced chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer, and decides to start a meth lab in order to make some cash for his growing family. I basically love everything about this show.

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Flats to go. I think my life just changed forever. Wearing high high heels to a party or wedding? Tuck these fold up (!) flats into your purse and your feet will be happy by the end of the night. Not too shabby for $7 at Nordstrom Rack.


The Cafe at Bumble & Bumble. My sister Kimberly, my cousin Veronica and I hung out in the cafe while my mom got a sweet hair cut. On the menu? Coffee and a hummus platter with amazing NYC views. I could get used to that one.

Chelsea Market. I love this amazing market, filled with restaurants, shops, bakeries, and more.

We picked up some Easter goodies, and I stumbled upon these amazing cookies! Ok the price tag is a bit hefty, but how cute are they? I will need to try to recreate them in my own kitchen for a bit less.

So there's a few things I'm loving and just a snapshot of our fun-filled holiday weekend. What are you loving on this Monday morning?