We're Taking a Trip

It's true.

Shaun and I are taking a trip in just a few short weeks!


When Shaun found out that his company was sending him to Europe to visit clients, I immediately invited myself to tag along for the ride. We both love traveling, so we are super excited to be exploring 2 countries that neither of us have been to yet: Spain and Switzerland. A random assortment, no?

We will fly into Madrid, Spain and stay for 4 days. Then, we will hop a plan to Zurich, Switzerland for 3 days, and then head on back to NJ. Not too shabby, right? Of course, Shaun will have meetings almost everyday that we are abroad, but we plan to cram in as much sightseeing and exploring local culture as possible. Oh and of course we plan to sample up some local goods like it's nobody's business.

After all, we are known for exploring European countries with a bit of gusto and an iron stomach. During our first Euro trip, we attended the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

Talk about eating and drinking our way through a country!



I ate so much bratwurst and schnitzel, followed by copious amounts of Kolsch (one of their local styles of beer), that by the end of the trip, I was certifiably ill. Even Shaun got his drink on a littttle too much.


It happens.

On our trip to Prague in 2007 with my sister Kimberly, we drank 1.1 million lattes

and sampled some hot, mulled wine while trying to escape from a storm outside.

My favorite food in Prague were the fried cheese sandwiches, which of course, I do not have any photos of, since it was before the blog days! But just know that it's like a giant mozzarella stick on a roll with mayo sauce. And it's wonderful.

And I can't overlook our faux honeymoon in 2008 to Sweden and Estonia (also built around Shaun's work trip), where we not only visited the gorgeous Medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia, but went to an ice bar in Stockholm, Sweden! The entire bar was made of ice (seats too!) so they give you these fun get ups to wear while you sample lots of Absolut vodka.

Though I've gotten some guidebooks already to prepare us for our upcoming trip, I'm hoping that you can provide some insights into our upcoming getaway! Have you been to Madrid? Or Switzerland? What are your must-see's? What are your must-eats? And how do you handle that looong flight?