Under the Weather

You may have noticed that there has not been a lot of food on the blog this week. Well don't hold your breath because today is no different. I have refused to get in the kitchen all week. My super star husband has taken over in that department. It's all because I've been feeling super under the weather since Monday at 2:05pm.

Yep, I know the exact minute. It started with a slight...and I mean slight...sore throat. Most of the time, something like this leads to nothing. I chalk it up to extremely poor air quality in this area. Not only do I work 10 blocks north of the World Trade Center site, but I take public transportation twice a day and my apartment is right near a major highway, filled with car fumes. Hmph. I'm just rethinking my living/working situation for a moment...

Anyhow, I just had a bad feeling that it was the beginning of not-so-muchness in the healthy department.

And I was right. By Monday evening, it felt as though my sinuses had launched a full-blown attack on my cheekbones and eyeballs. And it's lasted ever since. I'm not sure if it's allergies (apparently pollen levels are off the charts, though I'm more of a mold-spore kind of girl. Sexy), a cold, or a sinus infection. I'm thinking sinus infection because it feels awfully similar to ones I've had in the past. Like a tiny bar of weights is sitting across the middle of my face. It's not pretty. It's not fun.

The only difference is that the last 2 sinus infections I've had in the last 3 years have followed some major life changes for me. A post-stressful, anxiety ridden release perhaps? You know how your immune system holds up when it knows it needs to, but then once your big event or change passes by, suddenly your defenses are down? My last 2 illnesses fell 2 weeks after my 2008 wedding in Aruba (and this one was a real doozy, folks)...


...and following my job change in 2009. I literally felt it happening on my last day at my last job. I had taken a week off in between employments, and I was sick the.entire.time. Ruining our Jersey shore getaway. I still went, but I was a giant, boogery complainer the entire time. Shaun was thrilled. Sucky.

Anyhow, I am definitely not in any major life change this week. I am, however, planning a nice big party for Shaun's birthday this weekend! I have so much cooking and cleaning to do that I'm hoping to be back in full action by tomorrow. Until then, I'll be praying to the sinus lords to please spare the inflammation in my face and head, just for the weekend. I'll also be continuing the following regimen:

A healthy breakfast. I'm still smoothie-ing it up. Somehow I feel like a green monster is just the ticket to fighting sickness.


Mucinex D. This is a miracle worker for me. This version of Mucinex relieves nasal congestion and inflammation, always my foe. While it doesn't quite get me to 100%, 1 dose certainly helps me at least breathe. And sometimes, that's all I'm asking for. I will warn you though, it leaves me with terrible dry mouth, which is almost as uncomfortable as the sinus issue. Almost.


Neti Potting. I brought out the big guns this time around. I was a little terrified uneasy about using this thing because it seems so...icky. But when you can't breathe and are desperate, suddenly running fluid through your nasal passages doesn't seem so terrible. I'm still getting the hand of it, but so far, it's at least helped me sleep at night.


Tissues. I've been carrying around a box with me. It's hot. And I look cool. Don't judge.


Steamy showers. I love taking burning hot showers to help clear my sinuses. All that steam is...perfection. I could live in there.

Getting back to the gym. I took off Tuesday and Wednesday but since I don't want to lose all the good work I've been doing, I'm going to try and push myself to a light workout this evening.

So there you have it. An honest rundown of what I've been up to this week. Since sinus infections and allergies are not contagious, I have still been heading into work, though I must admit at times I felt so badly that I wanted to run home. So what about you? What are your tips for getting healthy when feeling under the weather?

Note: I am the farthest thing from a medical professional and have an unhealthy habit of self-diagnosing. If you are sick and need treatment, please consult a medical professional. Thanksssss.