Friday Things + Your Tips for Getting Well

Thanks everyone for your kind words about yesterday's post! You all provided so many great tips to feeling better and getting well, so I want to round them up for you!

Your Feel Better Tips
1. Drink a Hot Toddy (don't mind if I do!)
2. Sleep!
3. See a doctor
4. Break out the Vicks and/or humidifier
5. Lots and lots of water
6. Zinc tablets (especially if you catch it early)
7. Don't push yourself at the gym. If you can manage it, a light workout is ok, but try not to break a sweat.
8. Rest!

All great tips! I am back to about 85% today so I'm very happy with that :) I did end up skipping the gym last night. I'm ok with it. Tomorrow I hope to be back at 100% and back in action!

On that note, it's Friday! Can I get a happy dance up in here?

Since I'm still not cooking (though I will be getting my cook and bake on this evening like it's my job), today I'm just sharing some Friday things and things I'm loving. Sound good? Oh and please chime in!

The Royal Wedding. Yay? Nay? I have to admit that I think it's pretty wonderful that such a thing brings their whole country together. And yes, I DVR'd it and am catching up on the footage while I type up this post. The moment everyone was waiting for - the dress. I think it's absolutely stunning.

Classic, simple and I adore that she chose closed toe pumps. I didn't love her veil covering her entire head, but I just think she is so beautiful, so poised and so full of grace. Most importantly, where can I get a pair of those earrings?! Oh and weddings of any kind still make me teary in a happy and hopeful sort of way.

It's Shaun's birthday weekend! He officially hits the big 2-9 (we always joke that he robbed the cradle with me, since I don't turn 29 until July) on Sunday.


Tomorrow we are having lots and lots of friends over for a party and then celebrating with Shaun's parents and brother on Sunday. I'm thrilled that the weather is going to be gorgeous so that we can utilize the terrace! This is also why lots of cooking and baking will be happening. I can't wait to share it all with you next week!

Fringe is on tonight! This is still one of the best shows on TV.

The fact that it got picked up for another season, despite being sent to die on Friday nights, is a real tribute to the show and its fans. Oh and seeing Joshua Jackson week after week doesn't hurt either.

My gallery wall. I've wanted to have one of these since we lived in our last apartment (but since we were renting, I couldn't get over the guilt of nailing 30+ holes into the wall). I started the gallery in the Fall, and decided that it is totally necessary to extend it. Here's the first part of the wall:


And I'll share the finished product and how I got 'er done next week!

It's Friday! Need I say more?

So that's what's going on with me on this gorgeous Friday morning. What's putting a smile on your face today? Oh and weigh in on the royal wedding, yay or nay? The dress?