Rosa Mexicano

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? Mine was very relaxing and fun. Shaun and I got lots done around the apartment on Saturday and Sunday, after a super fun and long overdo dinner with our great friends Nicole and Brandon.

I've told you that I don't go back to very many places over and over, but most of the time when we go out with these 2, we hit up Rosa Mexicano, a modern Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. We like the 18th Street location, just outside Union Square. It always turns into a long night of eating, drinking and catching up. I think Shaun and I are still recovering actually :)

Rosa is hip and fun and the food is delicious. Since we sat at our table for about 4 (!) hours, the food and drink floweth.

We started the evening with an order of fresh guacamole, made tableside, along with salty tortilla chips. I could have eaten this entire dish full on my own. It's creamy, fresh, flavorful and the perfect starter to a delish dinner.


While I am almost always a red wine drinker and Nikki went with the signature pomegranate margarita, the boys ordered their usual drink...tequila flights! I, for one, cannot stomach hard liquor anymore which is why red wine is always my go-to. The boys got down with the tequila tasting menu, and, as per usual, were very happy with their choices. And the cute little glass in the middle.

For dinner, I always order the same dish at Rosa. The carne asada! Skirt steak and Chihuaha cheese in a little, personalized skillet (I love anything in personalized portions like that!), fresh corn, rice and beans. This dish is always perfection. The steak was perfectly cooked to my liking (after I switched plates with Brandon), while the cheese added some saltiness and depth of flavor.

And as if that wasn't enough, Nikki and I decided to order a dessert for the table. We settled on churros with 3 dipping sauces...chocolate, caramel and raspberry! I have to admit, the surprise winner of this trio was the raspberry. The sweet + tart flavor against the sweet, crispy churro was pure bliss. Though Brandon proclaimed churros of the Six Flags persuasion to be superior, I think this was the perfect ending to our meal!


So there you have it. Our fun, overdue double date roundup at one of my favorite city spots. So what do you think? Do you have any restaurants that you visit again and again with certain people? What's your go-to drink?