My Favorite Meal...From Someone Else

This morning I feel like I got hit by a truck. It's not fun. I got home very late last night from the Yankees game (which they and I'm feeling the after effects of Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred workout from yesterday morning. Let's just say that if your quads are in excruciating pain when simply rolling over in bed, I don't take it as a good sign for doing other things today. Like walking down stairs. Or getting into a chair. Or basically any movement whatsoever. Sigh.

So for today's What About Me Wednesday, I'm answering one simple question. When Lauren at The Spiced Plate asked me what my favorite dinner would be for someone else to cook, the wheels started turning as I thought of all the delicious and wonderful food that I've ever enjoyed.

Although I may be a control freak in general in the kitchen, there is nothing better than someone else cooking dinner...or any meal for that matter. I'm so lucky that Shaun also likes to cook and takes the reigns every now and again to whip up something fantastic. Like this past weekend. He offered to make breakfast (I shouted hooray!) and cooked up a breakfast quesadilla and burrito for us to share.


Eggs, turkey bacon and salsa in whole wheat tortillas made this a fantastic, filinng breakfast that was the perfect fuel to get me through a 3.5 mile run a little while later.

But while I'm thrilled to eat anything that Shaun makes, I got thinking about my all-time favorite meal made by another.

My mom’s Italian dinners.

 Mom, Kimberly + Me at San Gennaro Italian Festival, 2009

This includes meatballs (literally the best ever! EVER!) that are so flavorful and just melt in your mouth, crispy chicken parmesean coated in tomato sauce and bubbly cheese, lasagna filled with moist ricotta and ziti, mixed with Italian sausage.

Mamma mia, I could eat these every day of my life and be happy. This is a cheat because it’s more than one thing, but all I can say is that to me, there is simply nothing better in the entire world. Somehow I do not have any photos of her wonderful dishes and will be sure to change that the next time she makes it!

She of course makes her own sauce like any good Italian mother and I’ll fight anyone who says their Mama makes it better. Kidding. Sort of. But her wonderful food has absolutely turned me into a sauce snob and I am extremely selective about Italian restaurants. Most of them just don't measure up. Oh and I learned early on to never order meatballs at a restaurant, since I always find them disappointing compared to Mom's.

Mom making her famous gravy on Thanksgiving

So there you have it. My favorite, most comforting dinner. In my ideal situation, I'd have all of these things on one giant dinner plate and enjoy it all together, drizzled with extra sauce and parmesean cheese. Oh and some of her Grandma Mary apple pie with whipped cream for dessert. Mmmm-mmm. I'm pretty sure this would ease my sore legs and arms. Just sayin'.

So what do you think? What is your favorite meal for someone else to cook for you?

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