Thursday Thoughts

1. If yesterday I felt like I was hit by a truck, today I feel like I was hit by a truck twice. And then hit with a stick.

2. I just don't feel like writing about food this morning. See above. It hasn't curbed my desire to eat food, however.

3. I kind of wish the world would go by this mantra:

4. When I grocery shopped on Sunday, I purchased 2 bags of Fresh Express Spring Mix Salad. One of the bags was completely normal, filled with beautiful, colorful lettuce. One of them wasn't.


One of these things is not like the other...Thoughts on how to describe that one to the company when I call to complain? Hi, I found a large, strange and unidentifiable piece of gray plastic bag in my salad bag this morning?

5. I'm so wishing that I had a giant tray of this prepared for breakfast.


Instead I'm going to have a ginormous one of these. And I'm excited about it.

6. I also wish that laundry did itself. Don't you think that the world would just be a better place?

7. Shaun's basketball team won all of their 4 games last night. Go Team Orange Julius! I cheered them on from the couch in sweatpants while catching up on Parenthood and Bethenny Ever After. I did the mental cheer. Their team is named for their orange shirts. And it's kind of making me want an orange julius right now.

8. We went to the Yankees game on Tuesday. It was fun! It was cold. But fun!


I stayed away from the garlic fries. Last time Shaun and I had them, we sweated garlic for days.


9. Shaun and I received this in the mail yesterday. Hooray! Any tips on things to do or see in Madrid? Aside from eating lots of tapas?

10. Although I'm a whiney whinerson this morning, I'm happy it's Thursday. And happy that I'm having dinner with my good friends this evening whom I haven't seen in a few months. Now that's a way to make that hit-by-truck feeling mosey on outta here.

What are your thoughts today?

Psst...The Book Club page was updated last night! Let's talk about The Hunger Games!