A few things before I'm off...

Friends! I don't have a ton of time this morning but I wanted to say a quick HI and tell you about a few things. I'm finishing up my packing and heading off to work for the day...then I will be leaving for the airport this evening and hopping a flight to Madrid. No big deal!

The first order of business is my new TOMS shoes.

Aren't they great?! I have the traditional ones in peach/pink, but I love the simplicity of these, from the color to the laces. I can't wait to trek around Europe in them. My only complaint? My heels do bother me a little in them...I plan to pick up some heel cups this morning for them!

Secondy is my camera bag. I told you that I spent way too much money on this bag from Kelly Moore:

It's so pretty, adorable, love it, etc...however, when I received it, it was GINORMOUS! Way too big for my DSLR and would not be great for sightseeing. Unfortunately I will have to return it...perhaps someday when I have better photo skills with more lenses, the time will be right for Kelly and me. Until then, I ordered this PacSafe bag from Zappo's and fell instantly in love...

It arrived yesterday and I must say that it's everything I wanted in a travel bag. Though it's not a camera bag, it's structured and padded, so my camera will fit perfect inside without be jostled around. Not to mention it's a great color that will go with all of my daytime outfits. And the bonus? It's made for travelers, so there are extra 'security' measures on the bag to prevent thievery. Smart, right? Plus, I love the cross-body or shoulder option.

Lastly, I am not signing off for a week! I will be blogging from the trip and also have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up for you. Lauren at Spiced Plate will be here, along with the first guest post from my sister Kimberly, who I speak about all the time on the blog.

Adios, for now! Hasta la vista, baby!