Buenos Dias!

Hola, from Madrid!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend! I slept in hardcore this morning (it's 11:45AM in Spain right now) and am loving every moment of it. I feel like we've done so much in such a short amount of time here thus far and I'm just soaking it up. It feels great to be on vacation and in a foreign land. Since I plan to do more detailed posts when I'm back in real action, today I wanted to share a few highlights of the trip, things I'm loving here, and things I've learned.

1. Ham is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. In addition to occupying every menu in Madrid, there are actual ham shops, called Museo de Jamon...which actually translates to Ham Museum. I don't mind.

2. Neither does Shaun. His no pork rule went out the window the moment we landed in Spain. Apparently pigs in Spain are fed sticks and acorns...a far cry from Boar's Head. Touche.


3. You can buy fresh Patatas Fritas - potato chips - in some bodegas and candy shops (which are plentiful 'round these parts).


4. Bakeries are just better in a foreign country. Especially when you find pastry cream-laden sugary doughnut things that are the size of your head.

5. Though I still managed to find the one cupcake shop in Madrid.


6. I am obsessed...no, wait...OBSESSED with my PacSafe purse! It it the perfect size to fit my DSLR without it jostling around, it's lightweight, and most importantly, adorable.


That's about all I've got time to share today. Shaun is working, so I'm flyin' solo (Jason DeRulo-style) all day today. Since it's after noon, I should probably get dressed and get to a cafe for some lunch stat. I'm totally geeking out and rereading Something Borrowed. It's a gorgeous day, so perfect for sitting outside and reading! Have a great day friends!

PS - any European travelers out there...does my MacBook need a voltage converter to be plugged in? I've been using this method for the last couple of days, but this morning it's not reading the charge...can I try it without the voltage converter...without frying my comp?! Help! Or this will be the only blog for the week! :)