Thursday Thoughts

I'm so happy that it's Thursday. That means it's almost Friday. And once it's Friday, that means long, Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial start of summer. I am excited!

I'm not so excited about the fact that I am feeling extremely jet lagged yesterday and today. It's like the jet lag gods fooled me into thinking I adjusted without a problem, only to be hit with a major case of it. Sleeeeep!

Last night I finished reading One Day. Have you read it? It's a story visiting the lives of best friends and sometimes lovers Emma and Dexter for one day every year of their post-college lives. It took me a while to really get into this book and admittedly I almost put it down. But. I'm glad I pushed through. Though I did have some major issues with the characters at times, looking back at the story as a whole...well, I kind of liked it. And I really enjoyed the format. And there's a movie coming out later this year. So if you are into romance, friendship, heartbreak (all the elements of a good book, after all), I say go for it.

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I also reread Something Borrowed and Something Blue on my trip. I have to say, I think that I actually enjoyed Something Blue even more than Something Borrowed. I really hope that this gets greenlit to be made into a movie! I would love to see it on the big screen. I would literally jump for joy.

Has anyone seen Water for Elephants? I really, really need to get on this. I had the bright idea to go while we were on vacation, however, I realized that it would not be in English. Agua para Elefantes, anyone?

 I really, really need to replenish my stock of protein powder. My smoothies (though fantastic) are just not filling enough in the morning. Currently, my favorite combination is: 1 C almond milk, 1 banana, 1 giant scoop of peanut butter, 1 giant handful of spinach leaves, vanilla extract, cinnamon, Splenda and 2 tbsp flax seed meal. What kind are you digging?

Shaun and I blew right through the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad while on our trip.

I just can't get enough of the whole gang. I think that aside from Walter, I'm really loving Jesse and his story and how he can somehow never win. I just want to hug him. I'm now counting down until Season 3 comes out on DVD next month so that we can get on that before Season 4 starts in July!

I'm on the hunt for some not-entirely-unhealthy dessert options. Something small to just fill that sweet craving after dinner. Thoughts? Ideas? Please send them.

That's all of my thoughts for today. Hopefully I will get a few more that do not revolve around how I am filling my time with media...What are your thoughts today? What are you reading? Watching? Eating? Tell me some stories friends.