It Could Be Worse

I love starting my week on a Tuesday, don't you?

Especially after a nice, long weekend of home improvement projects, barbecuing with friends and family and lounging in the hot Jersey sun. Things could be worse.

My waistline that was on the cusp of trimming down could now revolt.

At least I used a sandwich thin. Though my palette seriously missed out on the good, old-fashioned potato roll.

I could have found a delicious and refreshing new homemade poppy seed salad dressing that my sister Christine whipped up, possibly knocking out my favorite balsamic-honey-mustard dressing. The balsamic dressing simply won't be happy to hear about this.

I could have lamented that though I'm jumping for joy over corn season, Jersey corn hasn't quite hit yet, leaving all other corns inferior. But it's still fairly wonderful.

Especially when it's cut off the cob, leaving no pieces stuck in my teeth. Smart, right?

This little girl could have eaten her own doggie food, rather than hide out under the kids' chairs in hopes of finding lots of 'crumbs'.

I could have spent the day indoors or out on my sweltering terrace instead of lounging at my parents' pool with them, my sister Christine and my cousins.

Things could be worse.

How did you spend your long weekend? Any parties or picnics? And please weigh in...Do you eat your corn on or off the cob?