What Can I Say?

How can I possibly find the words to say to this amazing, wonderful, fantastic woman and mother...


Mom and me at my 2008 beach wedding in Aruba
...who’s been there for every up and down, every celebration, every heartbreak?

...who cooks my favorite meal like it’s nobody’s business?

...who caught me red-handed, after I had stealthily procured a sprinkle-covered brownie and oh-so-carefully and quietly unwrapped the cellophane in the pantry closet so she wouldn’t hear, only to find her creeping out of her room, leaning over the banister, asking, what are you eating?

My mom, sisters & me at my rehearsal dinner party, 2008
...who gave me 4 different kinds of facial moisturizer, under eye cream and anti-aging regimens in my Christmas stocking, a sigh, and an ‘It’s time’

...who called me from Las Vegas to inform me that she just tried on a pair of Louboutins

...who, at 6 months pregnant with my sister Christine during the dog days of Jersey summer, took me to my first concert at The Meadowlands to see New Kids on the Block (I was 8 and this was basically the greatest thing I could imagine)

My family in 2005
...who has taken care of me everyday for thousands and thousands of days and who still does...even though I’m pushing 29

...who hosted 150 people in her home for my and Shaun’s engagement party

...who sewed me a red crayon costume to wear for Halloween in preschool and threw together this little ditty when I was a wee gal...

...who, when I told her that I saw Jason & Cookie (husband and dog of her BFF Bethenny Frankel) walking near my office, asked if I told them not to move to LA? To which I responded, yes, I chased them down the street to make sure they heard me...

Mom & Kimberly relaxing between courses at her birthday brunch, 2011
...who recently coaxed me into purchasing 5 inch glittery platform heels to wear to the many weddings I will be attending this year? Because they were simply fabulous? (And they are) And of which I still have no idea how I will walk in them for 8 hours without looking like a baby deer...any tips on that one, by the way?

My sisters, Mom and me right before I said, I do! 2008
...who, when we were staying at the Atlantis in the Bahamas many years ago, made friends with the dancers who were there shooting a Ricky Martin video so that she could stalk him and the crew around the hotel

...who has promised to install a custom closet into our bedroom? By herself? (which I’m obviously not going to let her do alone, just so you know)

2 best people in the world, my parents!
...who has made my life safe, protected, loving and most of all, fun?

...who never missed a soccer game, swim meet or any event whatsoever?

...who I hope to someday channel in the slightest when I have children of my own?

at my civil wedding ceremony in Aruba
There isn’t much to say to all of that and a million more tiny things that add up to one wonderful person.


Somehow, that doesn’t quite cut it.

I do hope to someday be blessed with children of my own. I can’t help but think of all that my mother has done and given up for my sisters, me, and our entire family. She’s one of a kind. The best ever.

I helped her once put together a family recipe book of her mother’s (my Grandma Mary’s) recipes that she had collected on pieces of scrap paper and old napkins. In the dedication, she wrote, To Mom, you always made things fun.

Well the torch has been passed, because that’s exactly how I feel about my mom today. No matter what we do, it’s always fun and I can only hope and pray that someday my children will feel this way about me.

It feels silly to only acknowledge all of this wonderfulness on Mother’s Day, since she is a total rock star each and every day. As I will try to be too...with good skin while wearing my fabulous high heels and stalking celebrities.