Confessions of a Monday

1. Hi, Monday. I'm overfed and underslept. How did you get here so quickly?

2. I had a wonderful day with my mom yesterday.

3. My mom, sisters, cousin, aunt and I had a girls day and all went to go see Something Borrowed. I adored every moment of it. I obsessively read this book on a beach in Miami like 6 years ago. Seeing it on the big screen just made me happy. I don't care what the critics say.

4. Major crush on John Krasinski will now continue commence.

5. I may have eaten a giant slice of Oreo cheesecake at lunch yesterday with the fam. I may have also forgotten to snap a photo for you.

6. Shaun and I went to a wedding on Saturday night. It was so fun and beautiful. All of our oldest friends were there. I may have had 2 bottles of wine. See #1 above. Just sayin'.

7. I made it in my 5" heels! I wore them all night long. I couldn't walk once I took them off, but that's another story. The point is that I did it. And I feel accomplished.

8. I haven't updated the book page in a while. To give you a quick update, I finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (and absolutely loved it) and I also read Bethenny Frankel's A Place of Yes. Though a completely different type of book, I liked.

9. Once again on the hunt for a bunch to download onto the Kindle for our trip to Europe!

10. We are leaving for Spain in 4 days...let's move along week!

What's going on with you on this Monday morning?