On Waiting for Things to Happen

Last night I skipped the gym. I had a plan to go last night. I really did. But I broke the plan. The weather was pure perfection. I could only think of one place to be...my terrace! I brought my MacBook outside and nestled in for some quality blogging and blog reading.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how so much in life is spent waiting for things to happen.

Waiting to grow up. Waiting to get to high school. Waiting to go to college. Waiting to get a job. Waiting to get another, better job. Waiting for The One. Waiting to make money. Waiting to find the perfect home.

And it’s not only the big milestones in life. I find myself oftentimes just waiting for things to get done. That if my den is a mess long enough, it will magically tidy itself. That the battery in my Crest Spinbrush will repower itself. Or that the laundry that’s been sitting in a pile next to my bed for days will put itself away. Why am I surprised when I come home from work and it’s still there?

I have news for you. Wait and wait and these things won’t get done. Not the dishes. Not the laundry. The perfect home won’t find you. That friend that you’ve been meaning to email might not get around to it on their end either.

It’s easy to wait around. It’s easy to to wait for things to happen on their own. Trust me, I know. When I look at the last few (and by few, I mean 7) years since college, I think I’ve spent a lot of time waiting around. For the perfect job. For my apartment to be painted warm and inviting colors instead of stark white. For the right number in the corner of my pay stub. For a magical opportunity to leverage my passion for writing. For opportunities to fall in my lap while still paying the bills. For weight to melt off of my body.

I had an ‘Aha!’ moment a few days ago while sitting in my parents' kitchen. My mom and I were talking about things in life...where I’m at, what’s going on. And she said that I can do anything I want. That I just have to do it. And only I can do it for myself.

I don’t want to wait for things to happen anymore.

I want to make things happen.

I’m going to make things happen.

It’s the beginning of the summer. I’m turning 29 in just a couple of weeks. Instead of waiting for all the things I want in life to happen to me, I’m going to start making them happen for myself and for those around me! I can’t wait for my 29th year. It’s going to be a great one. Stay tuned for a fun 30 by 30 post that I’ve been working on and can’t wait to share with you!

So what about you? Have you played the waiting game?