Kimberly Gets Her J.D. On + Lunch at Landmarc

Not only did my sister Kimberly graduate from law school yesterday...

but today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Kimmi!

So with this in mind, my family had a lot to celebrate yesterday. We started the day at Lincoln Center in Manhattan, where the graduation was held.

After a nice ceremony, Kimberly received her diploma! Here she is near the podium, about the cross the stage as her name was called.

My sister Christine and I were determind to be the loudest, girliest screamers and cheerers ever.

After the deed was done, we met Kimberly for a small paparazzi-style photo shoot with the gorgeous Manhattan backdrop.

Once 1 million the photos were taken, we headed over to the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle for lunch at Landmarc. I love this place! Not only is the food fantastic, but it overlooks Broadway and has gorgeous decor with an industrial wine bar vibe. I like.

We of course started the meal with some crusty bread. I also enjoyed a glass of Malbec (my fave)...

...while Kimberly enjoyed a signature martini. Loving that color.

For an appetizer, Christine and I shared a based of smoked mozzarella fritters with fried zucchini sticks...

Look at that cheese!

And for the main attraction, I had Pasta Genovese - a rigatoni with pesto. Luckily, the pasta portion was small, which kept me from falling into a cat nap at the table!

After lunch, we headed back to Kimberly's apartment for some birthday/graduation cake and gifts!

My mom ordered a cake from Mendoker's Bakery in Jamesburg, NJ, our all-time favorite bakery for cakes (and black and white cookies!).

This cake was designed to Kimberly's own specifications. One layer each of vanilla and chocolate cake filled with {a lot of} chocolate fudge and topped very generously with vanilla buttercream. I mean, really, I can't think of anything better. Look at that fudge! Ah!

And that is why today I will be on a liquid diet of smoothies and tea. Followed by zumba. And cardio strength.

Anyhow, Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my little sis! Yesterday was a great day :)

So what I want to know is...if you could choose any cake flavor combination in the world, what would it be?

Mine would be my old favorite - moist chocolate cake with lots and lots of vanilla buttercream!