How I Spent My Birthday, Part I: BLT Steak

I want to first say a big, gargantuan THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words and Tweets on Friday for my birthday. It made the day so special and had me smiling like a creep all day long :)

On Friday evening, Shaun made reservations for us at BLT Steak. I was so excited for this! I have long been a fan of BLT Burger and had been wanting so badly to try out some of the other BLT restaurants. I will tell you did not disappoint! Not only was the food fantastic, but I loved the atmosphere, a factor that can completely make or break a dining experience if you ask me. Though this was a steakhouse, it didn't feel like a stuffy gentlemen's club. Instead, it was trendy but chill and not too pretentious. Perfection.

We started our meal with the house specialties, duck mousse on toast and popovers. Though I could have taken or left the duck mousse, the popovers...Oh the popovers. I don't even really have words for these. They are giant, buttery breadlike baked goods. We tore them apart and spread butter and sea salt on top. Yum.


Shaun ordered a beer and I had a glass of Malbec. We ordered salads to kick off our meal. Shaun got a caesar salad (perhaps one of the best we've ever know I snuck some of that for myself), while I enjoyed a beet and gorgonzola salad. I will admit, my salad was my least favorite item of the night. The beets were delicious, but overall, the salad was just too vinegary!

For the main attraction, we decided to share a steak and a seafood dish to keep things a bit lighter. Friends, I am SO glad we did this. If we had gone for 2 steaks, then I would have missed out on the best fish dish I've ever eaten. Yes, you heard that right. We enjoyed dover sole, crisped and coated with capers and a light sauce on the side.  The fish was flaky and not 'fishy' (I hate that) and the sauce. Oooooh the sauce. I do not know what was in it, but it had a capery taste. It was ah-mazing.

On the side, we ordered the potato gratin. Luckily it was a tiny portion because it was so rich, yet wonderful.

For our steak, we shared the bone-in rib eye. Though I usually like my meat done 'medium', Shaun loves medium rare, so I obliged. It was definitely a bit pink (red?!), but I grinned and beared it...and it was so tender and tasty. When at BLT...

Here's a shot of my very full plate:

Oh and I should also mention that I crossed something off my 30 by 30 list...I tried bone marrow! We had no idea that a bit of it was coming along side our steak. Shaun spread some of the marrow onto a piece of popover. It was glorious. Oily, salty, and fatty, I was instantly smitten with this rich deliciousness. It was all I hoped it would be :)

We were stuffed by the end of the meal. We decided to skip dessert (until later) and do a little walking outside first. (Not to mention that what I really wanted was a cupcake!). After dinner, we strolled down Park Avenue hand-in-hand. It was a perfect New York evening.

We strolled down to Rockefellar Center. I rejoiced that we could actually walk around and enjoy the sites without a giant crowd, like during Christmas time. Near Rock Center is one of my favorite bakeries...Magnolia Bakery!

We picked up a couple of cupcakes and some banana pudding to go. We headed home and enjoyed these on the couch while watching Breaking Bad.

Not too shabby for my 29th birthday if you ask me!

So what do you think? Are you a steak eater? Or do you prefer meals of the seafood variety?