How I Spent My Birthday, Part II: Eating Red Velvet Cake + Napping in a Pool Float

While Shaun and I spent Friday evening at BLT Steak & eating Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, we also had a joint birthday celebration on Sunday at my parent's house for my dad and me. My dad's birthday was last week as well so the whole fam thought that a day lounging by the pool and of course eating lots of delicious food would be in order. My sister Kimberly, who is getting down to the wire with studying for the bar, even made a special trip home to be there! (You may also check out her guest post about law school here).

To kick off the day, we snacked on cheese and crackers (the green one is infused with wasabi!)...

...and my healthified version of pizza dip & tortilla chips!

Of course a celebration wouldn't be complete without a Skinnygirl margarita! I'm recycling this photo from our anniversary celebration...

After snacks, I parked myself on a lounge chair in the sun for about 5 minutes before I was hot enough to jump right into the pool!

I spent most of the day laying - and drifting in and out of naps - on a float in the pool. It was exactly how I wanted to spend the day!

Before dinner, we also watched some of the women's World Cup game (actually the rest of my family watched the whole thing while I was pooling it up! I just caught the end)...

We also had some special guests. A nest of baby birds right outside my parents back door! Can you spot them waiting for food?

Little Chloe was already tuckered out by this point...

...that is, until dinner was served! My mom made a feast of braised short ribs, sauteed corn & zucchini, and spaghetti squash. It was deeelish!

For dessert, Mom baked a 3-layer, homemade red velvet cake which she topped with joint candles for Dad and me.

Look at that gorgeous red!

Filled and coated with cream cheese frosting, it was hands down one of the best cakes I've ever had! Thanks Mom!

I may have also enjoyed a slice at home later that night while watching True Blood.

We also divvied up some Crumbs cupcakes, which I had saved from my birthday celebration at work on Friday. Crumbs are my fave <3

Shaun and I rolled ourselves home and collapsed on the couch. It was such a nice day, filled with family, fun and food. It was exactly how I wanted to round out my birthday weekend!

So what do you think? What's your favorite way to spend your birthday? Or any summer weekend?