What I Planned...

...I planned to share something pretty fantastic with you today. A moist, summery, yummy pineapple cake bar topped with silky coconut frosting.

Doesn't that sound like something you'd want to wake up to on Monday morning?

Me too.

Unfortunately, I had written up most of the recipe to share on the blog before I left for Aruba on Sunday morning. As I went to finish the post (from my hotel room in Aruba), I realized that I never wrote down the recipe for the cake itself. I had adapted it from America's Test Kitchen and the original version is sitting in a cookbook at home.


I don't want to mess around with you. I don't want to write up the wrong thing. So unfortunately, you will have to wait until next week when I get myself together can work on typing up the recipe with my tweaks.

I'm sorry. Please don't be mad.

Check out some eye candy instead...

I'll be doing this for most of today:

...in between reading my Kindle, napping on a beach chair and laying on a float in the water.


Also...head on over to The Sunday Sweet to bid on a batch of my Chocolate Glazed Golden Grahams Cookies! It's all for a good cause!!

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