Leaving on a jet plane + scary movies

I'm at it once again.

I'm traveling! This time, I'm heading to Orlando for work. Not to be confused with my recent trip to Las Vegas for work or my trip to Spain and my trip to Switzerland for pleasure. I think 2011 is the year of travel for me. Aside from my trip today, I'm also heading to my favorite place on Earth, Aruba, in August (for vacation!) and Albequerque, New Mexico in October (any readers out there?). It's all good things, but it can certainly be an exhausting one! Of course, my favorite trips are those that revolve around the food.

Last night, I whipped up a dinner for one. In 20 minutes, I had a nutritious and delicious quickie dinner. First, I made up some quinoa. In a separate sauce pan, I boiled some baby carrots and frozen broccoli for like 3-4 minutes. Then I dunked them in some ice water to stop the cooking. I tossed the veggies and the quinoa with my favorite stir fry sauce, House of Tsang Classic Stir Fry Sauce. Yummy!


Since Shaun was out, I had the big screen all to myself (score!). I rewatched True Blood from Sunday night (obvi) and then noticed that The Ring was next up on the schedule. I'm not going to lie. Shaun and I saw this in theaters years and years ago and I swear, I was terrified to drive home alone from his house later that night. This movie was so beyond ridiculous and unrealistic, but I found it to be sooooo scary. I mean, honestly, how could you not be scared by this??

Ok, I found an even scarier Ring image than this, but I couldn't even look at it myself, so I spared you.

Luckily, I switched to Date Night instead. Tina gets me every time (oh and I'm reading Bossypants right now, and it rocks the house!).


It got me thinking about all the scary movies that I've seen over the years. I'm typically more of a romantic comedy kind of girl (and ones that I can watch on loop include You've Got Mail and The Proposal, naturally).

My Scariest Movie List:

Child's Play - When I was a kid, I walked into the living room (way past my bedtime!) and my parents were watching this. I guess it was a cool movie in the 80s? I only caught a glimpse, but I was scarred (and scared) for life.

The Sixth Sense - ahhhhhh! Seems so silly now, but I saw it on the night it premiered - the woman in the kitchen? the boy with the bloody head? I thought it was super scary!

The Ring - obviously

Scream - I know it's so cheesy, but I was a virgin scary movie watcher before this one! It was the first scary film I ever willingly watched.

The Shining - Eek! Those creepy twins in the hallway? Red Rum? All work and no play make Jack a dull boy? And don't even get me started on Shelley Duvall's teeth. Creeeeeps!

Dexter, season 4 - I know it's television, but the fourth season of Dexter, which featured John Lithgow as The Trinity Killer, still has me checking over my shoulder when I'm walking alone and checking the bathrooms and under the bed if I arrive home solo. Ack.

I think that covers the ones that stand out to me. And now I'm really wishing that our glass terrace door had a full shade over it. What about you? What are some of the scariest movies you've ever seen?