Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet

One of my favorite things about vacation (and especially Aruba), is getting to spend a lot of time reading. I'm a pretty big reader as it is...I try to take my train time in the morning for this glorious activity.

Reading is good.

Right now, I'm reading The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet by Jamie Ford.

Has anyone else read this? I received a couple of recommendations on this, so I decided to give it a whirl. While I don't find myself rushing to read it everyday, when I do break it out on the train I do thoroughly enjoy it.

It follows the story of Henry, a young Chinese-American boy living in Seattle following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In a world where all Japanese are suspected of being spies and are evacuated to internment camps (can we take a moment for the scariness of that statement?), Henry befriends a Japanese-American girl, Keiko. The story switches back and forth from Henry as a boy and as an old man with a grown son of his own.

It's sweet, it's sad, it's educational for a person like me who, I'm sad and sorry to admit, doesn't know very much about this time period in relation to Japanese-Americans. Overall, I am enjoying it!

Questions of the day:

What are you reading now?

How do you find time to get your reading in?

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