When Shaun Makes Dinner...

It looks a little something like this...

Fish & chips!

I love that my husband cooks. I would have probably whipped up yet another batch of black bean quesadillas or English muffin pizzas since I was so beat last night. But my husband? He pulled out all the stops. Using Bobby Flay's Throwdown cookbook, he made the famous A Salt & Battery fish from the famed West Village fish & chips shop. Complete with malt vinegar and homemade tartar sauce.

The batter was light and oh-my-god-unbelievable. The fish was perfectly cooked. White and flaky, meaty and light. I'm a lucky gal.

So Shaun, you're making dinner every night from this day forward, right?

I thought so...

Have a delicious weekend everyone!

Questions of the Day:

When's the last time someone cooked for you? What did they make?

What's on tap for this weekend?

We have lots of family activities planned and I cannot wait! I'll dish on it all next week!

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