Girls Day in Atlantic City

Every now and again, I'm reminded of why I love New Jersey. It's got a little bit of everything. You can go from bustling city to suburban neighborhoods; from horse farms to the woods; from the mob to the Jersey shore. It kind of doesn't get better than that.

Earlier this week, I headed down to Atlantic City with my mom, Kimberly, 2 of my mom's cousins and their daughters. It was such a fun girl's day! We set up camp at Harrah's Monday night. On Tuesday, we woke up and headed to the beach. Admittedly, I've only really been to AC for partying purposes but never during the day. I had no idea how nice the beach was there! It was small, not crowded and a beautiful day.

We went on the beach near Bally's and I rented an umbrella and chair for the day. It was just around this time that we felt the earthquake that rocked the East Coast. It was so strange! Although it was a tiny tremor, it was enough to send us all into a tailspin calling husbands, boyfriends, friends, sisters, and other loved ones to make sure that all was ok. Personally, I was more concerned about a possible tsunami since that's my biggest natural disaster fear!

It then meant drink time! We headed over to Sammy's Beach Bar for some afternoon cocktails on the beach.

After we'd had enough sun time, we hit the boardwalk for some shopping. I love the boardwalk!! I love the little shops, yummy boardwalk food and even the little rickshaw drivers begging for you to hop on and take a ride.

We wandered into The Pier Shops at Caesars and I couldn't help but get myself a personalized candy bag at It'Sugar!

I'm usually not a candy eater, but I was wooed by their extensive selection. I filled up my bag with peach rings, gummy peaches, caramels, salt water taffy and flavored Tootsie Rolls!

With candy in hand, we headed to Bally's for a little gamblin'! I didn't know Michael was alive and hiding in AC...

In the evening, we went back to Harrah's and got ready for dinner. We chose Dos Caminos at Harrah's before my mom, Kim and I had to head home.

1st pic: Gina, Melissa, Me, Kimberly; 2nd pic: Susan, Mary Anne, Sandy (Mom)

Unfortunately Dos Caminos could not have been more disappointing. When we arrived, we were told it would be a 25 minute wait. We decided to grab a drink at the bar (this took 20 minutes in itself, even though there was only one other group at the bar!). Over a half an hour later, we still weren't seated and were then told that too many people with reservations had shown up and we'd just have to wait. Had they told us this from the start, we probably would have just found another restaurant - no hard feelings.

After waiting for over an hour, we finally sat down. We had requested to speak to the manager multiple times and only after the 4th time we asked, did he come over to our table. I haggled free guacamole out of him, but he was barely apologetic. I understand that places get busy, but just be honest about it. Though the food was good and our waitress was great, a number of other things throughout the meal solidified that we won't be going back to Dos Caminos Atlantic City anytime soon.

I hate when restaurants make it like they are doing you a favor by letting you eat there. Know what I mean?

Aside from that, we had such a fun time! I can't wait to plan another girls excursion down there.

Questions of the Day:

What natural disaster gets under your skin the most? Though many of them scare me, something about tsunamis really really freaks me out!

What would be in your candy bag? I'm not really a chocolate eater, but there are other things I love (see above) :)

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