I Wish I Was Eating This Today...

My stomach hates me from torturing it with Dos Caminos and a bag full of boardwalk candy (more on my Atlantic City adventures to come!).

But that won't stop me from rounding up some things I wish I was happily dining on today!

Peach Crumble for One (dinner tonight, perhaps?). You can find my recipe over on Lauren's Latest today!!

Apple cupcakes w/cinnamon frosting (yay fall!)

A giant bowl of delicious, juicy cherries...perhaps made into a smoothie?

Yummy {and pretty} potato & parsnip tart

Shrimp with white wine, fennel & feta...oh my...

Delicious, fluffy lemon, blueberry & ricotta pancakes from Lighthorse Tavern. Swoon.

Cranberry topped brie...another Fall favorite!

So that's what I'm drooling over today over on Memory Lane.

Question of the Day:

What do you wish you were eating today?

psst...Kimberly's blogging about making drastic changes by going carb-free over on The Peach & The Pit...you know you want to...