5 Things Making Me Happy Today

Somehow, I find it so easy to fall into a rut. Sometimes, I get a case of the blues. I hate that. Especially when it's seemingly (on the surface at least) for no reason. When this happens, I realize that I have 2 choices. To continue wallowing...or to snap myself out of it and be happy for all the big - and little - things that are good in life.

As Barney Stinson would say, "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead... True story!"

So here's a few things making me happy today!

cherry crumble for one. Ah the power of food. It makes everything better. Especially when it combines warm, sugary fruit with a buttery, oat-laden topping. Oh and the whipped cream is a must!


farmer's market. They make me happy and think of chunky sweaters and Uggs and trolling around with a burning hot cup of hot cider. Oh and they are just pretty.


pretty homemade party favors. My mom and Kim made these little cakes in jars as party favors for Kim's graduation party. They are so cute and delicious. They just make me happy.


fall tv. I'm Rachel and I'm a television addict. (And I'm not the only one!). I'm so sad that True Blood is over, but I can't wait for my returning shows. Topping my list? Castle, Fringe, Parenthood and Boardwalk Empire.


football is back in my life. The cheering, beer drinking, lounging, eating and jersey wearing has arrived in all of its glory. It's good.

So that's what's doing it for me this week.

Question of the Day:

What's making you happy today?


psst...Christine's talking about her own TV obsesh today on The Peach & The Pit...hope you'll tune in!