My Fall TV Line Up

It's no secret that I like TV.

Ok, I'm a borderline TV freak. So you can probably imagine my excitement that fall TV is back! I can't wait to dig back in to my usual favorites, and explore some new ones too! Here's what I'm looking forward to this week and in those to come.

Castle. The first ep aired last night but of course I DVR'd it so that I could watch the Giants game (which I in turn fell asleep during). Castle left us with quite the cliff hanger at last season's end, not to mention the never-ending tension between Castle and Beckett. I look forward to this show every week because it's just a fun, cute show. And the ever-charming Nathan Fillion doesn't hurt either.


Fringe. This remains one of my favorite shows and I would bet money that most of you aren't watching it. Well don't start now, unless it's with season 1 on DVD because this is a show that really needs to be enjoyed from the beginning due to its complex storylines. I adore the entire cast and last year I proclaimed it the best show on TV. Peter Bishop (aka Joshua Jackson), I'm ready for you to come back into my life.


Parenthood. I became obsessed with this show last season, after loving the original film from years ago. The entire cast is fantastic and I undoubtedly end up crying every single week (which is why I try to watch it when Shaun is out of the apartment!). And that, my friends, is just good TV.


Boardwalk Empire. Shaun and I loved this show so much in its first season that we spent an entire winter weekend (including New Year's Eve) catching up with it. I'm in love with the costumes, sets, truly awesome cast and it doesn't hurt that it's another quality show set in New Jersey either ;) Not to mention that it's just good writing (or the fact that Michael Pitt is just fun to look at). I love Sunday nights on HBO!


The Walking Dead. We discovered this show as a fluke while we were in Aruba. I ordered the DVD from because it was inexpensive and I'd heard good things about it (I literally did not even put 2 and 2 together to realize that the show was about zombies). Sound silly? It is. But somehow, AMC makes this show cool, exciting and 100% favorite kind. The first season was only 7 episodes, so we are beyond ready for it to come back in October!

Dexter. You know I love me some Dexter. I even created a cupcake in his honor. I've proclaimed that season 4 is one of my top favorite seasons of television of all time. Somehow the 'will he or won't he get caught' thing never gets old for me. Though last season struggled a bit for me (especially following season 4's explosive ending - no spoilers for others please!), I still love the entire cast and look forward to seeing who's ending up on Dex's table each week. Coming this October.

Modern Family. Despite its obnoxiousness at the Emmy's, I do love this show. I think Ed O'Neil is amazing. I'm excited for what is clearly the best comedy on television to come back into my life. Just give me more Jay-Gloria-Manny please :)


The Office & 30 Rock. These definitely are not on my must-see list, but once we've gotten through all of these other amazing shows, we'll check these out too. I am kind of excited to see James Spader (from my love of Boston Legal) on The Office, so it may move up in priority. As for 30 Rock, I always think it's funny, but again, it's near the bottom of my list.


As for new shows debuting? I'm looking forward to Up All Night (with Will Arnett!), The New Girl and possibly Revenge (with the girl from Brothers & Sisters). And that's most likely all that I can handle at the moment :) Add in a couple of Food Network shows, still catching up on this season of Breaking Bad (hands down one of the best shows ever and I think this season is one of their best yet!), Sundays filled with football, Jersey Shore (obvi) and I'm pretty much fully stocked on TV for the season :) So there you have it. Please don't think I'm a crazy, pop culture and media-obsessed freak. Pretty please?

Questions of the Day:

What shows are you watching this Fall? Any great ones that I should be watching?

What would you say is your favorite season of television ever? In my top few, I include Dexter season 4, Lost season 1, Arrested Development seasons 1 and 2...