This Week...

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I started dreaming of pumpkin. Things like cheesecake and spice cake and pumpkin butter and trifles, oh my!

I ate Reese's peanut butter cups for dinner

I realized that Boardwalk Empire starts on Sunday. And in a cool, awesome promo (once again proving why both NYC & HBO equally rock), the 2/3 subway line has been turned over to 1920s-style vintage subway cars. It's really too cool in my opinion! See the video of it in action below:


We found a home for our terrace visitor. I have no doubt that there will be whining, crying, scratching, clawing and hiding when she leaves us tomorrow. And I think the cat might be a little upset too. But she's going to a fantastic new home, so I can't be that upset. I was the one warning Shaun not to get too attached and yet I'm the one being an emotional train wreck about the situation. But wouldn't you be with this face?

We went to a party in our building last night. I ate and drank {way} more than I planned.

I ordered lighting fixtures! Yay! Once they all arrive, I can finally schedule the electrician to come and install them. I'm freakishly happy about this development! I'll post photos, but here's a sneak peak of what we picked out for over our dining table. It's an oversized drum shade from Shades of Light and I think will be perfect for our urban loft! {for more decorating updates, check out my bedroom mood board!}

I made a new dip for game day. Greek Layer Dip! It's destined to be a staple in our game day repetoire.

I took a DSLR class with my friend Danielle. It was so educational and absolutely perfect for a camera novice such as myself. If you're in the market, I highly recommend checking out DSLR Workshops by Okello Dunkley. I believe he gives the workshops all over the country.



I realized that I am so ready for the weekend!

On our plate this weekend, we have a birthday celebration for Shaun's brother, some home DIY stuff, a trip to Ikea and getting started on picking out paint swatches and starting a new kitchen project...I'm putting in a kitchen office nook! I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to share this project with you and I will as it develops :)

Questions of the Day:

How was your week? What did you do?

What's on tap for the weekend?


psst...It's Peach & Pit Friday! Join in and tell us about your highs and lows of the week! I bet you can guess what mine were...