When Shaun Makes Dinner, Part 2

I love being married to a man who cooks.

Although I obviously love cooking and baking {and even get a little antsy if I haven't been in the kitch for a while}, it's so nice to simply not have to make dinner on nights when I want to get to the gym, run errands or just don't want to. That's where this guy comes in.

For Christmas, I gave him a new grill. We have a charcoal grill, but it seems as though charcoal grills + condo living = frowned upon. So we went electric. Though it's not quite the same as the charcoal grill, we found out last night that it is pretty darn close!


Since I've been on a healthy kick in 2012, his last dinner masterpiece just wouldn't do. Classic fish and chips...sigh.

Using an Asian-style marinade (with fresh ginger!) Shaun grilled up some chicken and sauteed up some veggies.


The result was like a healthy, real-food version of take-out Chinese! It was so delicious. The chicken was tender and juicy, while the veggies were sweet and soft. Oh and please excuse my horrible iPhone pic...the battery in my camera had died...


I'll take his cooking any day!

Questions of the Day:

Do you like grilling? I usually leave it to Shaun! And I could eat a cheeseburger just about everyday in the summer.

Do you prefer cooking or to have someone else cook for you? I like both!


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