Keepin' it Real


I have a confession to make.

If you read The Peach & The Pit, you may know that I have been on and off and struggling with Weight Watchers for the last bunch of months. After the holidays, I recommitted myself to the program to try and get myself back on track to a more happy weight... for me.

I never really use the blog talk about weight, overeating or any of those issues that do tend to plague many a woman's life. It is such a personal issue and one that many struggle with, not to mention the judgement that it can invite. I always wanted TAA to be happy and optimistic and a place of deliciousness. (I still do!). Plus, don't you prefer to hear about cupcakes and Oreo bars and salted chocolate glazed blondies? (raising my hand over here!)



I can't ignore the fact that since I started this blog, I've gained a few pounds. Maybe more than a few. It happens to the best of us. I feel as though as a blogger, I get caught up in creating the most exciting or decadent dessert. If I don't, I worry that you won't want to read and I'll lose you to more exciting websites and blogs.


I have always struggled with my weight, struggled to find a balance between enjoying food, pushing myself to exercise and maintaining happiness in the process. It is a struggle 

I know that opening the door to body issues - numbers on the scale, how I look, how I feel - could lead to a slippery slope, but I have to keep it real up in here for you. And the reality is that I want to lose a little weight, have my clothes fit me the way they were intended, but to continue eating yummy, decadent, delicious food!

So I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be here with recipes and ramblings. But, some of my recipes are going to lighten up a bit and I plan to post these types of things only once or twice per week. I may even start including Weight Watchers Points Plus in certain recipes. I hope you're down with this. It's my mission to eat more healthfully and on-plan while still enjoying every crumb!

Questions of the Day:

How do you maintain a healthy balance?

Do you have any healthy recipes or exercises to recommend?