I Wish

...that I had enough time to do crafts...like everything on Pinterest

...that my house was just a little bit organized, and looking this tidy on a daily basis

...that laundry did itself

...that grocery shopping could be outsourced in a more fruitful way

...that I could teleport (especially to and from work so I could gain back 1.5 hours of my life each day)

...that pretty 4” heels were comfortable

...that I didn't need shapewear under my pencil skirts

...that we would get at least one really good, locked in the house snowstorm this winter

...that immediately follow said snowstorm, I could go here:

...that it wasn't still dark out every morning when I wake up

...that I could eat one of these for breakfast today:

What are you wishing today?


psst...Christine Bean is blogging all about her 5 must have beauty products...she's got me wanting each and every one!