Five Things Friday

Happy Friday! I'm so ready for the weekend though I'm lamenting all of the rain that is happening right now. If this was a normal winter, this could all be snow! Oh well. I guess I cannot complain since our winter has been less than painful.'s Friday and that means five things! Enjoy!

cheesy chicken tortilla soup

I made this on Monday. I adapted it from a recipe that a friend recommended. I made it a little WW friendly. It's cheesy, chickeny and came out to 8 Points+ per serving. A little high for soup, but this is truly filling and decadent. If you are interested in the recipe, I will share it next week.


words with friends

Words with Friends isn't anything new, but I've really gotten into it lately. I have a bunch of games going and love getting my little notification that it's my turn. My mom is currently beating me in 3 different WWF games. She's really good at word games. One of these days, I'll beat her though.



sunset over the Hudson

This is the view from my office. We can see Jersey City, Hoboken and the Hudson River. The sunsets are out of control. It's pretty much the only good thing about daylight savings. I'll take looking at this 5 days per week.



stila eyeliner waterproof smudge stick in blue ribbon

 I got this in my January Birchbox and I love it! I typically use MAC's gel paint pots with a brush for eyeliner, but this goes on super smooth and way faster. Plus I love changing it up from my traditional black to a fun bluish teal color.


  Via Spiga Riding Boot via Nordstrom

I got these for Christmas and am completely obsessed with them! So comfy and cute. Plus, they make me feel like I belong in an ep of Sons of Anarchy.

So there you have it. My five things! I hope you have a great weekend!

What things do you love on this Friday?'s Peach & Pit Friday! We're rounding up our week's highs and lows. Come on by and share yours too!