Things I Don't Want To Live Without, Part 1

I won't say 'can't' live without because that's just crazy talk. But there are things in my life that I love so much that I can't imagine going without them! Basically, it's just another way to say that these are some of the things I use and love everyday!

fluffy robes & cozy throw blankets

keeping me warm on chilly, dark mornings or lazy evenings on the couch

mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner

keeping my face looking alive, happy and not like the undead


it makes everything a little bit better! my personal favorite musical occasions include dish washing, walking in the cold, sweating it out on the treadmill, dancing at a party, or cleaning up the joint. I'm crushing on this fun song right now.


a good diner

maybe it's the Jersey girl in me, but diners are a must. where else does one go for a plethora of options at cheap prices at any time of day or night? there's only one place...the diner. Give me disco fries, or give me nothing.


they keep my incredibly cold feet warm, even on the chilliest days, and always look chic. i heart you.


so warming, so comforting and just about my favorite thing in the morning!

What are some things you don't want to live without?


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