Five Things Friday

I haven't done a Five Things Friday in a while, and today I have a bunch of new stuff to tell you about. I've found some fun new things over the past few weeks, so here goes!

Sons of Anarchy

I gifted Shaun with the first two season on DVD for Christmas. We obviously don't want enough television, so I felt the need to add to our growing list :) I'm so glad that I did. Like an other organized crime-themed drama, SOA is a slow build at times, but takes on big payoffs. Plus, I get to look at this guy...



Christine gave me a box of L'Occitane products for Christmas. Admittedly, I've always been too intimidated to go in the store (mostly because I don't really know what 'body milk' or any of those other specialty products are for). The box included body lotions, shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, hand cream and more. Perfection.

New shoes

I hit the jackpot with shoes lately. Not only did I receive a few pairs as gifts, but I then proceeded to go out and get a few more. As my mom says, "Some people have 300 pairs of shoes, so don't worry." If Mom says it's ok, then it must be true! (Shaun is thrilled by this development, btw).



Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook

My bestie Lindsey gifted me with this and I almost jumped out of my chair with excitement. With recipes for compost cookies, cereal milk ice cream and more, I cannot wait to get to work on some delicious eats.


 New York the playoffs!

I'm pretty excited about this since the last few years have not been fantastic for Big Blue. I'm so excited to tout my new Giants gear on Sunday and cheer on Eli, Ahmad, Cruz, Pierre-Paul and the rest. I may even test out a special, Giants-themed cake for the occasion...I will keep you posted! Meanwhile, I'll be snacking on some popcorn to prepare...

So that's my five things for this week!

What are your things this week?