Weekend Reminiscing: Jackson Browne, Ribalta & a Non-Anthony Bourdain Sighting

Somehow my three day weekend has come and gone. I'm mourning it on this Monday. Especially since I woke up at 5am with sore shoulders, an aching back and a stuffy nose.

We spent the weekend all over the place; having fun, seeing family and friends and eating up a storm. Today you can find me drinking gallons of water and green tea and trying to get back into the swing of real life. 

We started the weekend in Atlantic City. The whole fam (minus Christine!) headed down for a night of food, fun and a Jackson Browne concert. Yeah, we pretty much partied like it was 1975 up in there. Oh and in case you were wondering, Baby H made it clear that her favorite song at the concert was The Pretender. She didn't stop moving for even a moment when he was rocking out to that one :)






We also celebrated Nick's birthday at Ribalta. I really loved this place. It was gourmet pizza with a bit of modern ambience. And let's face it; nothing can be bad when there is pizza involved. It was a great night with great food and great people!

Happy Birthday(!!) Nick!


Lastly, on Sunday morning, I went to a little family reunion of sorts at Les Halles in Manhattan. My mom's cousin Mona was in town and so all of the cousins on her side of the family got together for a delightful little brunch. No Anthony Bourdain to be found, sadly, but I had been wanting to visit Les Halles for years and I was thrilled to finally cross that one off of my list.







Whew! I'm exhausted (and stuffed) just looking at it all.

Here's to a great Monday everyone!