Five Things Friday

I am so in love with this Friday.

I'm ready to get through this work day and hit the weekend. We have dinner with friends, a Halloween party tomorrow, nursery work and a bit of Frankenstorm prep too.

This week felt like a long one yet I've basked in all things Fall.

{a gorgeous Fall wedding}

My cousin Veronica got married last weekend and it was such a gorgeous wedding. We all prepped at my parents house and spent the evening dancing, eating and celebrating.


{DQ pumpkin pie blizzard}

It's only available until October 31 and I'll be having them frequently until next week.


{pumpkin spice cupcakes}

Just when I haven't quite had enough pumpkin, I whipped these up for dinner at our neighbor's house last night. Recipe coming next week!


{new statement necklaces from bauble bar}

After seeing my sister Kimberly's sweet collection of statement necklaces, I went on a little shopping binge for myself. I am obsessed with all of my purchases! If you'd like an invitation to Bauble Bar, let me'll save $10 on your first purchase!


{earl grey tea in my favorite tea cup}

I'm usually a coffee drinker - and have continue to have a small half caf each morning since I've been pregnant...but on some mornings - especially those gloomy chilly ones - I love having a piping hot cup of earl grey. Somehow it feels so special.


What are your five things this week?

Any weather-related emergency prep tips?