Prepping for Sandy

The East Coast is bracing for the Frankenstorm, Storm of the Century, A Once in a Lifetime Storm, Hurricane Sandy, the Cone of Uncertainty...or whatever you choose to call this supposedly whopper of a storm we're getting over here today and tomorrow.

When Hurricane Irene struck last summer, it was clear how unprepared we were for the event of a major storm. Luckily we only lost power for a day, but it was still a wake up call as to what we would need when another storm struck.

This weekend we spent a little time gathering supplies and braving the stores to stock up on some necessities. Here are a few things we made sure prepare.


Stock up on candles, flashlights and batteries.

Immediately following last year's hurricane, Shaun ordered two 100 hour burning oil candles

a compass, two good flashlights

and a camping knife, all of which I immediately stashed away in a little plastic bin in our den closet. Oh and with the flashlights in mind, it helps to have a pack of batteries for the flashlights in your emergency kit.


Car check.

Shaun filled the car with gas and made sure all of the tires were filled with air. In the Prius, a full tank of gas will get us about 450 miles. If for some reason a giant tsunami comes out of the Hudson River, Pittsburgh here we come!


Tidy up the terrace.

Shaun put a tarp over most of our items on the terrace (table, chairs, deck box and grill) and bungeed it all to the fence. He also tied down our flower and plant boxes. In case of strong winds, we don't want any flying objects crashing into our door or windows..or those of our neighbors' either.


Wash all laundry & dishes.

I washed all of our towels and undergarments. I don't want to be stuck without clean underwear in the event of an emergency. I also made sure to run our dishwasher and wash dishes now as they are dirtied. If we lose water, the last thing I want are rotting smelly dishes in the sink.


Water & ice stash.

On Saturday, we started filling up plastic zip top bags with the ice from our ice maker. We then stored the bags in the freezer. Perfect for keeping the freezer cool in case we lose power and can also be used for water once melted. We also filled up all of our water bottles and travel coffe cups in addition to stocking up on a few gallons of water and a case of individual water bottles.


Luckily we are usually pretty stocked with food on any regular day, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when prepping for a storm. We picked up a few things to make in advance and have on hand throughout the week, in addition to some fruit and veggies for snacking.


Charge it up.

We are making sure to keep all of our electronics plugged in and charged all day today. This includes our phones, computers, Kindles, etc. 


Have fun!

We have books and board games at the ready to provide entertainment in case we lose power. Otherwise, we've got a DVR filled with Homeland, Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, American Horror Story and The Walking Dead ready for viewing. 

Stay safe everyone!


What are your emergency preparedness tips?