Easy DIY Thanksgiving Table

When we hosted Sweatsgiving on Saturday, there were a total of 8 of us. It was just enough to fill up our table and so I didn't want any table setting that would be too cluttered or overdone.

I decided to keep it super simple while still showing off the colors and bounty of the season. I started with a seasonal table cloth and coordinating runner. I love this look because a tablecloth feels so fancy while a runner adds a bit of contrast and a little fun!

Next, I sent Shaun out for some fall flowers, which I placed on my favorite cracked glass platter. I use this platter all year round for just about every occasion. It never gets old!

For some moodiness, I definitely wanted some candlelight. I took two little glass bowls that I had on hand, filled them with water and some fresh cranberries and dropped in 3 floating candles per bowl. These looked so pretty and festive! And with bowls and floating candles from Michael's and cranberries from A&P, you could make a few of these for under $10.

When it was eating time, I moved the flowers off of the table so that everyone could see each other. I simply put the two candle bowls, still burning, on the glass platter to keep a sweet and candlelit vibe that stayed out of the way.

After the party, I put the table back together to include some more gorgeous flowers that were gifted to us at the party. I'm still enjoying my little table set up days later!

So that's my super simple table setting for this year's Sweatsgiving. It feels so fall and festive in here and I plan to try and keep my table set up until things turn over for Christmas time...in just another couple of weeks!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!