A Whirlwind Thanksgiving Weekend

So has anyone else been bitten by the Cyber Monday bug?

I have less than zero interest in Black Friday, but somehow the nagging emails for 30% off my favorite everything has gotten into my head. And let's face it...if it's 30% off of my favorite anything, I'm buying it for myself, thus negating any good Christmas gift shopping to be had. Am I right?



Today is Monday. I've been off from work for the last number of days and yet I'm still not ready to face the full week ahead. The weekend flew by so quickly and so I'm going to give you a quick recap of how it all went down!

On Thursday, I woke up early to finish my Thanksgiving baking and to catch a little bit of the Macy's parade!


I know it's so corporate and a little cheesy, but I still love every moment of it. I then finished off my cheesecake creation that I was incredibly proud of...

Until that evening when I went to cut into it, only to find that the whole center wasn't cooked through. Giant baking #FAIL! I was so bummed because it had the makings of true holiday deliciousness. I topped the cheesecake with carmelized apples, caramel sauce and sea salt. I will need to redeem my skills for Christmas Eve...Cheesecake, I will triumph over you!

After lots and lots of eating for the day, we headed home and slept like it was my job. Friday was a big day! My parents came over with a sweet baby gift...a brand new, shiny white dresser for her nursery!



Isn't she gorgeous?

It's so pretty and pristine...perfect for storing all of Baby H's little goodies, like the most adorable clothing, hats and booties ever...and practical stuff like diapers and Desitin too. I keep walking in there just to gaze at it. The top will double as a changing table, I just need to actually get the changing pad and secure it to the dresser! My mom also awesomely stayed to help me go through all of the goodies that we received at last week's surprise baby shower. So many amazing little outfits, blankets, accessories and gear to get through. We began organizing some things into those sweet little lavender fabric bins (from Pottery Barn Kids, in case you are interested), separated by bibs & burp cloths, towels & washcloths, and swaddle blankets.


On Saturday, the entire family headed out to Penn State for the last home football game of the season. My youngest sister Christine is a senior this year (how? why? when did this happen?!) and so we all finally got out there for a big tailgate and celebration. Here's a throwback from her freshman year:

And the whole fam (all 7 1/2 of us!), tailgating in the snow 4 years later at this year's game!

It was mighty, mighty cold out there this weekend! In fact, it snowed for a lot of the day and wind chills made it a bit frigid. Luckily, my NorthFace still zips over my giant tummy and we bundled up long enough to make it to halftime of the game following a 4 hour tailgate.

Though obviously there was no alcohol to keep me warm, Shaun picked up a giant travel mug of hot cocoa for me to sip on throughout the game. Hot cocoa never gets old :)

We finally made our way home to the couch yesterday afternoon, where we snacked on leftover white pizza dip and a little cheeseboard while watching random football games all day long.


All in all, a wonderful weekend! I didn't do a usual Thanksgiving thankfulness post this year...but in a nutshell, I'm so thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life...my husband, family, our health, happiness and especially for our blessed little bundle who will be joining us in 2 short months. Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! Hope it was a great one!


How did you spend Thanksgiving weekend?

Do you get down with Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales? any tips for me?