Post Sandy

Hi all. Thank you so much for your kind words and messages over the last week. I'm happy to report that as of early Saturday morning, power was restored to our building after 5 days in the dark. I consider us to be so incredibly lucky. Our families are all safe and sound with minimal home destruction.

Before we start with the recap and depressing stuff, can we take a moment for the fact that we bypassed Halloween? On the Saturday before the storm, Shaun and I celebrated Halloween at our building's annual Chiller Halloween party!

We went as Frankenstein and his {knocked up} Bride! Though being pregnant means generally being a little more uncomfortable and no alcohol to boot, I'm glad that we still got dressed up in costume and had a fun night with our neighbors. Not to mention that while being cooped up for 5 days, I'm fairly certain that I single-handedly consumed about 3 lbs. of various Halloween candy including Twix bars, Milky Ways, Snickers and 3 Musketeers. Sigh.

I'm not going to lie to you...the last week was a trying one. It was easy to complain about living in the dark (as it is, our apartment does not get much natural light), having to toss all of the contents of our refrigerator and freezer, not being able to take a hot shower, having to boil all water before using it...but at least we still had our home. As we were seeing more and more footage of the destruction left in Sandy's path,'s downright heartbreaking. And anytime I got frustrated with a few minor hardships, cabin fever or needing a flashlight to go to the bathroom...I stopped right in my tracks and thanked the universe for all that I have. 

Luckily our building had a generator and we were able to charge our phones a couple times a day and catch some of the news footage post-storm. We went for a lot of walks, drank a lot of decaf tea, played a whole lotta Boggle and went to sleep at 9pm each night. All in all, not a terrible week.







Here's to sunny days ahead...