Holiday Survey

I've never done one of these before, but I've seen them on many a blog and always love reading them! Since there's been little to no cooking going on in my kitchen (save for some pasta with jarred sauce!), I thought this week would be a fun time to partake! So here goes...


Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Gah I love both! But I don't think I could live without hot chocolate in the winter.


Does Santa wrap presents, or just leave them under the tree?

Definitely wrapped! There is nothing more fun than opening pretty Christmas paper :) Growing up, Santa always wrapped my gifts in one paper and my sisters in their own as well.


Colored or white lights?

I love both equally! We put colored lights on our tree, but I also adore the sophistication of all white lights.


Do you hang misletoe?

We do have a little misletoe ball but usually just place it on our terrace door knob. Our ceilings are 14 ft high and so there's nowhere to hang it really. We get by without it ;)


When do you put up decorations?

Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving.


What is your favorite holiday dish?

This one is SO tough because we make so many different things. I do love rice balls on Christmas Eve and spinach dip in a pumpernickel bread bowl always sings Christmas to me.

Favorite holiday memory as a child?

Baking cookies with my mom and enjoying Christmas morning all together in our pajamas.


What is on your Christmas wish list?

I don't have much this year because I'm just simply excited about our most special gift ever, arriving just after Christmas! ;)


Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?

We exchange gifts with my mom's side of the family, and then Shaun and I exchange our gifts in the wee hours of Christmas morning after midnight mass.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree?

Multi-colored lights, shiny, glittery balls, and ornaments we've collected over the last bunch of years. My favorites are the ones from our travels around the world!


Snow? Love it or dread it?

I adore it! I always love getting at least one really good snowstorm per season, like the one we got the day after Christmas 2 years ago...


Real tree or fake tree?

I am happy with (and see the merits in) either one. Shaun is the one who insists on a real tree and every year since we've been married, we've gotten a great one!


Do you remember your favorite gift?

I've gotten so many amazing Christmas gifts over the years! Santa definitely went overboard in our house growing up. The best one ever, though, would have to be my Chloe, who joined us on Christmas Eve 1996, and she's still going strong.


What is the most important thing about Christmas for you?

Being with family and taking time to slow down.


What is your favorite holiday dessert?



What is your favorite tradition?

Shaun and my holiday date night on Christmas Eve Eve and breakfast on Christmas Eve with my family...a tradition that my Dad started years and years ago. He would take my sisters and me out for breakfast so that my mom could have time alone at home to prep for the evening's festivities. Now that we are older, we continue to do this but the whole family joins!

What tops your tree?

Nada. Still haven't found something that we like, so for now she is bare.


Do you prefer giving or receiving?

I love giving gifts so much! I have such a great time picking out the perfect gifts for people and sitting in front of the tree and wrapping for hours. It makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.


What is your favorite Christmas song?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It simultaneously makes me happy, nostalgic and want to cry at the same time.


Candy canes: yuck or yum?

Definite yum! Especially in baked goods or peppermint bark. Oh and give me a Candy Cane Hershey Kiss any day!

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Favorite Christmas movie?

I love so many, but if I had to pick one it would be Christmas Vacation!


What do you leave for Santa?

Cookies & milk, obviously!


Do you have a Christmas morning tradition?

We all gather in our Christmas pj's and open gifts! This is not complete without each of us having our own plate of Christmas cookies and A Christmas Story on in the background. Stockings get opened first!

Online or in-store shopping?

I have to say - I LOVE online shopping! Especially with Amazon Prime!


Do you send Christmas cards?

Usually, but this year I just didn't get to it! Next year we will when Baby H can adorn some pretty holiday cards in all of her cuteness :)


Now it's your turn! Either take the survey or answer some of your favorite holiday questions in the comments!