Enjoying Our 'Lasts'

As I'm approaching 32 weeks pregnant and in between nursery prep, washing baby clothes, making lists like its my job and reading any and all child care material that I can get my hands on, I'm also trying to savor these last weeks as a family of 2.5 before Baby H arrives.

For the last 4.5 years, it's been just Shaun and me.

We've enjoyed traveling to some amazing places, like Spain...




And lots more.

We've had the luxury of heading down to Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore for weekend getaways.

We've slept in on many a Saturday.

We've spent Saturday evenings with great friends, jetted in and out of Manhattan for glorious dinners and indulged in last minute brunches on Sunday mornings, with no responsibilities aside from getting in front of the television in time for 6 solid hours of football.

It would be crazy of me to not feel a twinge of nostalgia for all of the fun and special times we've had as a duo over really the last 12+ years, including all of our dating years. And so I can't help but begin to think of things as our 'lasts' as a couple of 2.

Our last summer of doing basically whatever we wanted for 3 solid months.

Our last Thanksgiving and soon-to-be-Christmas.

Our last chances to lay in bed on a Saturday and crack up over the ridiculousness of Jersey Shore yet fully agree that New Jersey rocks the house and living anywhere else would be unthinkable. 

I know with a lot of 'lasts' will come a million more firsts as we become a family of 3 and my heart is filled with so much joy and excitement over these impending firsts that it takes my breath away. We are truly blessed and could not be more thrilled or joyful over the impending arrival of our sweet baby girl!

But a part of me wants to soak up the time we have now too. Time for those last Sunday brunches, spending a day running errands together, holding hands and making pit stops for appropriate Saturday errand-running fuel, like red velvet donuts and holiday McFlurries.

Time for watching hours of The Walking Dead so that we can be caught up and avoid any spoilers. Time to hit up a last minute showing of Skyfall on a Friday night. Time for so many other little things that make our daily lives.

Over the next 8 weeks, while we prepare for our lives to be forever changed for the better, I plan to enjoy our own little 'lasts' and soak up every moment!