Holiday Recap

Oh hi there strangers!

I've spent the last week+ doing lots of relaxing next to my Christmas tree, drinking gallons of tea, eating tons of Christmas cookies, spending time with family and wrapping my head around the notion that my baby girl will be here in about 4 weeks.

We had a truly lovely holiday and I've just been savoring some extended time away from work and any real responsibilities. My biggest concern over the last few days has been what to scrounge up for lunch in our empty fridge and where to store all of our wonderful holiday gifts.

Not a bad way to get through the day if you ask me.

Shaun and I kicked off our holiday celebrations with an intimate dinner at Dino & Harry's in Hoboken. So many pretty wreaths, twinkle lights and delicious clams, steak and sticky toffee cake. We topped off the night with some Christmas movie watching by the tree.

After our annual Christmas Eve morning breakfast (this year at the Brownstone Diner, my new fave JC spot!), we spent Christmas Eve at my parents' house with my aunts, uncles and cousins.

We ate so many different dishes, including homemade saffron rice balls (my favorite), crab cakes, shrimp, stuffed mushrooms, stuffed jalapeños and more.

I sadly had to pass on the smoked salmon this year, but soon again it will be mine! As always, it always feels like such a special evening. My mom works so hard to make everything just perfect and it was a wonderful night.

On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened gifts with my family.

We received some great gifts! Shaun got me an iPad mini, a new tea kettle, an Urban Decay palette among other things. I received lots of new, fun jewelry, makeup, books and baby outfits, all of which I cannot wait to use!

We then got dressed and headed over to Shaun's parents' house for the remainder of Christmas Day. It was another fun and food-filled day with aunts, uncles and cousins! This was followed by the day after Christmas at their house as well for party part II!

I ate my body weight in holiday goodies and am pretty sure I put a few extra pounds on Baby H in the process! We are all hoping for a nice, chubby baby so I guess I'm doing my part to make that happen ;)

By the weekend, Shaun and I were just totally spent. I had one more holiday celebration...Leszer Christmas! This is an annual Christmas in the City date with my sisters and our best friends. We saw the tree at Rockefellar Center followed by a delicious dinner at Carmine's. And yes, my almost 9 month pregnant self made it on the subways, through the crowds, and home in one piece.

And that's how I spent the last week! Now I'm looking forward to quietly ringing in the new year this evening and returning to some sense of normalcy later this week. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and have a safe New Year's Eve!