Things I'm Loving Lately


I've been having a serious love for brownies lately. I mean...I know that everyone loves brownies, but I've never really been one to obsess over them. Until recently. Prior to Thanksgiving I made both peppermint-stuffed brownies and Heath Bar brownies and subsequently devoured them like it was my job.



These TriBlend American Apparel tee's. I have been in love with them for years, but wearing them while pregnant has taken my love to a whole new level. Roomy and long enough for my growing bump and soft enough to be worn without undergarments around the house or while sleeping, these tee's are worth every single penny. I also think they will be perfect for in the hospital next month and for once the baby arrives. I just purchased the Tri-Indigo, Athletic Blue and Athletic Gray.



The Container Store. It's so wildly expensive, but ultimately life-changing...and you can't put a price on that, right? Shaun and I just {finally & embarassingly} upgraded our master bathroom with these sweet little shelves to hold our shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shaving materials and more. They were easily hanged with silicon glue and haven't budged. A total 180 from those stupid suction cup versions that last for all of 4.5 seconds before crashing down and causing a veritable heart attack. Oh and the glue can scrape right off if necessary!



I also just ordered a system for behind-the-door gift wrap storage, following this amazing tutorial. I'll be sure to keep you posted on how that comes together, but I can't even explain how much I'm geeking out over this.


Sweet baby closet (!!!) I have been hard at work putting the nursery together and part of which includes her sweet little closet. Eeee, everything is so tiny and adorable! Shaun installed a ClosetMaid system that I think will work perfectly for all of her little things.



I picked up little huggable hangers and have been washing clothes like it's my job to get everything ready for her arrival!




The Walking Dead. Just as we got obsessed with this season, it ended. I can't wait for the second half of season 3 to return in February!



Holiday cookies. I can't wait to get baking this weekend!



What are you loving lately?