Five Things Friday

Happy Friday all! I'm so happy that Friday has arrived. It took me quite a while to drag myself out of bed this morning, but here I am :) I'm looking forward to a long weekend of no plans, getting some DIY on and maybe some snow?! Supposedly that might happen in NJ tomorrow and I would be thrilled if it did!

Regina Spektor, Hero;

and the scene in which it's used in 500 Days of Summer

I absolutely adore this soundtrack. Although the movie came out years ago, I still revert to this soundtrack often. It makes me feel happy and sad and the music is overal awesome. Regina Spektor's Hero definitely takes the cake for me, especially how it's used in the movie...perhaps one of the best scenes of all time. It contains a spoiler alert, so don't watch it if you plan to see the whole movie...but please download this song! Oh, and please excuse the Spanish's the only one I could find :)



Raspberry & Cream Stuffed French Toast for Dinner

I whipped this up on Wednesday when I was home solo. I made it WW friendly, and can't wait to share the recipe for this easy French toast for one!

TOMS ballet flats

Yay! I have been a long TOMS-wearer and I'm so excited to see them in ballet flats. Methinks they will be perfect for the springtime. They are incredibly pricey at $78+ but still...

West Elm Striped Duvet

I ordered this duvet a number of weeks ago and I'm happy to report that we are LOVING it. I need to take a proper photo to share with you with it all done up and purdy on my bed, but here's the stock photo for now. It works beautifully with our greige walls and bright, happy yellow accent pillows. Now all I need is this wildly expensive extra tall tufted headboard. Hmph.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

My hands have been so incredibly and disgustingly dry. I'm digging this little hand cream. One little dollop gets 'er done and my hands feel instantly moist and fresh.


So there you have it. My five things this week! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

What are your things this week?

 Oh and unrelated:

Has anyone seen The Artist? Worth it?