Go-To Breakfasts, Instagram Edition

I wasn't always a huge fan of breakfast.

Ok, that's not entirely a true statement.

I've always loved eggs, pancakes and other decadent things, but there was a time when I never made eating breakfast each day a priority.

Now, I can't imagine going without breakfast in the morning! I often take photos of my breakfast, but since I don't food document here on the blog, I hardly ever share them. Here's a look at some of my favorites, Instagram-style!


sliced banana with peanut butter


egg white sandwich


berry-baked oatmeal


tea in my favorite mug


strawberry vanilla yogurt muffins


sliced apple & banana with peanut butter


veggie-filled frittata (and you may see my fave frittata here)


sliced bananas and peanut butter on toasted sandwich thin


homemade holiday cookies on Christmas morning

my favorite scrambled eggs, fontina & toast from 92Y TriBeCa


pumpkin oatmeal & piping hot coffee


banana, peanut butter & Wasa crackers


fancy French toast for Valentine's brunch


What are your go-to breakfasts?

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