Five Things Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I feel like this week was a struggle, but yet I can't believe that Friday is here already! Woo to the hoo! I have a fun weekend planned; Superbowl watching {and eating} and taking a trip to Brooklyn with Kimberly & Nick for some old school Brooklyn sandwiches. The weather is supposed to be nice, so I can't wait!

Friday means Five Things, so here you go!

fresh flowers

I got these for $5 at Walmart (the one by me was just completely renovated and I'm mildly obsessed...but that's a story for another time!), and they've lasted for 2 weeks. They just make me happy to have some fresh, pretty flowers in the dead, barren winter.


Grand Central Station

I had never been to Grand Central, but it has long been on my list of places to get to in NYC. When I found myself in the neighborhood for a meeting earlier this week, I had to pop in for a peek. Though I want to go back so I can explore further and do a little shopping, I was happy to see it in all of its grandeur! Even if it was during miserable rush hour and people were pushing me out of the way as I stood and stared in awe.



brightly colored yarn

I picked these up at AC Moore this weekend (when I was buying food coloring for these). I love the bright, fresh and fun colors! I have a craft that I found on Pinterest that I want to do at some point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.



Run10k app

I downloaded this yesterday and got started last night. I am not exactly starting from the couch, so I began with the week 5, day 1 workout. I have to admit, it was a struggle to stay on the treadmill for 68 minutes, however, I am really digging this app! I'll keep you posted in the coming weeks on how its working out.


emergency kit supplies

Shaun and I are finally buckling down and getting our emergency kit together. For reals. Shaun ordered an extra flashlight, matches and flint for the kit. Next up, I plan to add candles, a case of water and possibly an oil lamp. Not to mention some canned goods and maybe a blanket or two.


So there you have it. Five Things I'm into on this Friday. Have a great weekend everyone!

Questions of the Day:

What are your things this week?

What are your weekend plans?