Gorgeous Evening

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Yesterday was a positively gorgeous day. It was sunny, about 70 degrees and slightly breezy. It was, dare I say...perfection.

In the NY/NJ area, we really only get like a handful of these days each year. Generally, the weather is either too warm and humid or too cold and windy. To have a perfect day is one to be savored.

So when I arrived home (and it was still light out! yeah daylight savings!!) last night, Shaun and I decided to hit the streets for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.




The streets of Jersey City were bustling! Everyone was out enjoying the weather.


We headed up toward the Path station and I couldn't help but stop at McDonald's for a....Shamrock Shake!


I've actually never had one before and have been obsessing over it for the last week (although the commericals are so annoying and make women look dumb...oh well). I finally just decided that I needed to see what all the hype was about...you know, for research purposes.


Verdict? It was super sweet (no problem there!) and refreshing but I wish it was just a little more minty. Ah well. Still a nice treat for a Tuesday evening :)

Today is supposed to be almost as beautiful outside so I'm excited to wear a spring coat today! Hope you all are having beautiful weather this week!


Questions of the Day:

What's your favorite thing to do in the warm weather? I love just being out and about, or having dinner or glass of wine out on the terrace!

Shamrock shake...yay or nay?


Oh and if you want to make your own Shamrock Shake...check out my healthy mint shake!

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